“Hi, I’m MEMOBIRD… For work, for play, for life.”

Another cool project we had a lot of fun with, and another brand we helped introduce to the market.

“Hi, I’m MEMOBIRD… For work, for play, for life.”

Another cool project we had a lot of fun with, and another brand we helped introduce to the market.
January 11, 2018
by Louis Vazenios

IT’S LIGHTWEIGHT and portable.

It’s inkless and environmentally friendly, void of any ribbons or ink cartridges.

And it’s absolutely adorable.

This is MEMOBIRD, the self-adhesive thermal pocket WiFi printer. And it’s all about fun.

And this is the video we created…


But let’s step back a bit, because this story isn’t just about a video.


When the nice folks at MEMOBIRD approached us to create a video for them and their cool micro printer, we were pretty stoked.


From a strategic perspective, this was an opportunity for us to conceive a brand’s personality and introduce it to market. From the creative side, this was going to be absolutely fun to work on.

More than just the production of a video, this was a brand strategy endeavor. And our strategy for MEMOBIRD was designed to be targeted content that would focus on reaching and converting the audience from an unknown person to a known lead.


This is the Alt text.


We also had the chance to do something we hadn’t yet done, and that was to humanize an inanimate object – basically create a character and give it a voice, so it would resonate with a target audience.

The target audience we proposed was made up of females aged 30 to 50, preferably moms who were active on social media channels, especially Facebook, and who would want to buy MEMOBIRD for their kids.


The audience also included teachers who could use this in the classroom for fun activities. These were the people we felt would resonate best with the product’s features and capabilities.

We were also positioning this as a cool little device, so playing on its “connect-ness” (it syncs easily to a mobile device) and showcasing its high-level key features were pretty high up there in the “things we needed to achieve” category.


The tone? Playful and fun, so the voice was important.

After testing several styles and tones, the one we used would end up being perfect for MEMOBIRD’s fun, whimsical positioning.

Everything we wanted to say about the product would be said from the viewpoint of the product itself – a first-person account, written by us, of course.

One of the coolest aspects of this project was the approach we took for the shoot itself. To achieve a whimsical nature, we opted for stop-motion animation, creating the illusion of fluid motion with objects appearing to move autonomously (similar to cartoons, but with real objects instead of drawn caricatures).

The set-up included a tabletop shooting environment at our PHANTA office where we were able to compose multiple sets and build out the motion graphics.


Here’s a quick look at the ambitious execution that took place when we were working on producing this extraordinary video.

Stop-motion animation is a time-consuming and tedious process, but the end result creates something different, unusual, and memorable.

This was our first project with MEMOBIRD, so the overall quality, the strategy, and creative we developed, and the impact on audiences needed to hit a home run. Yes, because we would expect nothing less from any of the work we do. But also, because the client was giving us full strategic and creative control.


MEMOBIRD the product was the client’s baby.

But the video strategy and creative and unique voice were ours.

As a result of the product’s impressive nature and the impactful creative delivered to convey its microfeatures in a big way, MEMOBIRD was picked up by flagship television shopping channels like QVC and The Shopping Channel.

And was recently featured during QVC’s Green Monday on-air presentation. Check out the video clip here.



Overall, we think we nailed it.

But what do you think?

Another cool project we had a lot of fun with, and another brand we helped introduce to the market.

Thank you MEMOBIRD.

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