Kickstarter Campaign

How to take an innovative concept to a volatile crowd-funding platform, push interest to the masses, and ultimately get funded.

Kickstarter Campaign

How to take an innovative concept to a volatile crowd-funding platform, push interest to the masses, and ultimately get funded.
July 10, 2017
by Louis Vazenios

MOONLITE IS A UNIQUE, patented bedtime story projector that attaches to a smartphone flash and projects images (in essence, stories) up onto a wall or ceiling.

Working closely with Moonlite’s inventor Natalie Rebot, an ex-Google engineer, and mother, we needed to develop a go-to market strategy that would establish a tone and a voice for her new product concept. Targeted to parents who are reading to their children, ages 2 to 7 years old, and to support her vision, we were asked to create a video for the Kickstarter campaign that would not only see her funded, but would also act as the key visual assets to take the product to the media, social media, and into the production phase of the investment process.

The video had to be magical.

“For our campaign, the video is what made the product. Because it was so relatable and authentic, it struck a chord with mothers. The video is the reason people wanted to share the campaign and talk about it online.”Natalie Rebot


Developing video for a Kickstarter campaign takes more time, insight, creative development, and care than other go-to market strategies.

Understanding the Kickstarter community (how they are engaged, how the product is positioned, and how ongoing communications are handled) and how PR plays into a campaign is key. Transparency and an open, honest approach was also important.

In recent years, large technology-driven campaigns on Kickstarter have been funded and failed. Knowing that the community is increasingly skeptical and cynical provided us insight into developing a smart(er) plan.

The Moonlite video and supporting campaign needed to completely immerse the consumer in a unique experience and subsequently, encourage positive brand association. The visual story needed to be impactful, shareable, attract attention beyond the crowdfunding platform and speak to parents with young children in the early stages of learning.

We also needed to help Moonlite’s overall marketing message speak to the value of this type of technology, convincing parents of the benefits of this “view-master-esque” type of screen technology. In essence, it couldn’t take away from the parent/child experience.


With Moonlite in a proof-of-concept stage, developing a brand strategy (target audience breakdown, insight, and motives) that would work in building awareness was paramount for the campaign’s success.

Our target audience breakdown, insight, and motives asked:

This is the Alt text.

Moonlite as an original prototype.

  • Would people love this product and brand, why?
  • Would people hate this product and brand, why?
  • What are people buying into with this campaign?
  • What are we actually selling?

Knowing the product, the market we’re launching into, and the target audience, we needed to consider how to wrap the story and pitch:

  • What perspective should this video be told from?
  • Was there a benefit to a third-party story?
  • Should Natalie’s personal story be told and leveraged?
  • How could a child’s perspective or story be shared?
  • How could a parent’s perspective or story be shared?




In working on the strategy and creative process we ultimately developed a “personal story” approach that put Natalie, her inspiration, reasonings, and relationship with her daughter at the forefront.

This is the Alt text.


By creating an engaging and immersive message and a very personal story to drive it, we were able to create a powerful marketing position for Natalie, helping her bring a new brand to life.

  • We made the Moonlite story very authentic.
  • We made the production feel genuine and real.
  • We made this a very personal experience for Natalie and Chloe’s unique story.



For this campaign we produced a uniquely positioned, high-performance video.

Moonlite Kickstarter Campaign Video


This is the Alt text.

Just a handfull of the press the Moonlite campaign recieved.


  • To date, over 40 million video views online
  • Over 50,000 units sold
  • The Kickstarter campaign completed at $345,000 with more than 5,100 backers
  • Named Best New Product 2016 (Baby & Toys, Hubba, December 2016)
  • Featured on Fox Business, Mashable, CNET, The Next Web, Insider, Fatherly, Nailed It, and Rockets Are Cool.
  • Additional $63,000 funded through secondary Indegogo campaign



…Moonlite successfully achieving its initial $20,000 goal and surpassing the $345,000 mark. It also:

  • Gained the attention of social media influencers, in particular, parents and celebrity moms (Tori Spelling).
  • Went into production with orders to its Kickstarter funding contributors scheduled for Fall 2017, then to the general public in time for the Christmas season.
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